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Name of the Program:

TORUN ALO ( Light of Youth )


1 August, 2016 to 31 December,2018

Supported by :

GCERF(Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund)


A pluralistic society where communities are capable to nurture and promote living in harmony with tolerance; youth are engaged with constructive citizen initiatives to address their community needs and responsible to play the nation building role as change makers.


Outcome #01:

6000 youth boys and girls students aged between 15- 25 to be empowered and technically equipped to develop their self-confidence, aspiration and a positive self-image to combat Violent Extremism.

Outcome #02:

6000 young students of Madrasa age between 15-25 years old become aware of CVE issues, the radicalization process and have motivated and internalized to authentic narration of religion in regard to the duties of youth to build a an inclusive and tolerant society.

Outcome #03:

6000 Youth boys and girls age between 15-30 are motivated to play as active citizenship role to reduce the incidence of social harm related to P/CVE.

Target population :

•  6000 students of College and Schools age between 15-25

•  6000 students of Madrasas age between 15-25

•  6000 Youth of  age between 15-30 who do not go to any education institutes

Geographical coverage :

SL District Upazila Union
01 Cox's Bazar Sadar Pouroshova, Jhilongjha, PM Khali, Khurushkul, Eidgaon, Baruakhali
02 Ramu Rashidnagar, Joarianala, Fatekharkul, Rajarkul, Mithachori, Kuniapalong, Gorjonia, Boro Kocchopia
03 Pekua Mognama, Shilkhali, Pekua Sadar, Baro Bakia, Rajakhali, Ujantia
04 Chakaria Badarkhali, Poshchim Boro beula, Herbang, Dulahazra, Shaharbil, Lokkharchor, Chokoria Pouroshova, Boroitoli
05   Moheskhali Moheshkhali Pouroshova, Boro Moheshkhali, Choto Moheshkhali, Hoanok, Kalamorchora
06 Kutubdia Boroghop, Ali Akbar Dail, Uttar Dhurong, Dokkhin Dhurong, Lemshikhali
Allocated budget TK. 77164812
Major focus of the Project : Youth Empowerment for Social Cohesion
Number and Partner Organization:

SL Name Address Contact Person
1 COAST Trust TARUN ALO Project Office, Bashir ullah Plaza (2nd Floor), Puraton Sonali bank, Station Road, Bara Ghup Kutubdia, Cox's Bazar Shawkat Ali Tutul
2 Community Development Centre-CODEC TARUN ALO Project Office, Abedin's (Ground Floor), 352, New Circuit House Road, Middle Baharchora, Cox's Bazar Tasadduk Hossen Dulu
3 ELLMA Shaheen Manjil (3rd Floor), ICDDR'B Road, Court Road, Chakaria, Cox's Bazar Jesmin Sultana Paru
4 Bangla German Sompritee (BGS) Baitul Islam Bhaban, 4/16(2nd floor), Block-B, Humayan Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Pain Shwe U Marma
5 Uttar Dhurang Pradip Para Tarun Shanga Uttar Dhurang Pradip Para, Kutubdia, Cox's Bazar Moti Lal Das
6 Gulshan Society, Moheskhali vill-Rashid Councillor Building Gorakghata ,Moheshkhali Powrasava, P.S-Moheshkhali, Dist-Cox's bazar Md. Jasim Uddin
7 Ashar Alo Somobay Somiti Brihottor Maizpara, Eidgah, Cox's Bazar Md. Riad
8 Sorkarighona Gram Unnayan Bohumhukhi Somobay Somiti Sorkarighona, Pekua, Cox's Bazar Md. Illias
9 Thowaingakata Sonchoy O Rindan Somobay Somiti Thowaingakata Dariar Dhigi, Ramu, Cox's Bazar Md. Joynal
10 Rupantar Cox's Bazar Malekuzzaman Market (1st Floor), Puratan Krishi Bank, Dulhaja Bazar, Chakaria Cox's Bazar Badiul Alom



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