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Partner Selection Criteria: All MJF partner organizations incorporate the following criteria into the process of partnership selection:

  • MJF partners with organisations with compatible visions


  • Organisational vision refers to the long-term impact that the organisation would like to see and its own role in bringing about that impact.

  • Organisations with high credibility amongst stakeholders


  • MJF partners with organisations who are respected by key stakeholders.
  • Respect for diversity


  • MJF imparts high value on appreciating diversity in culture, religion, class, caste and gender.
  • Partners should be sensitive to environmental concerns


  • Organizations are not involved in activities that harm the environment.
  • Organisations committed to the equal opportunity  of women


  • Organizations should promote the full participation of women in designing, planning and implementing project activities.  Their organisation should be committed to equal opportunities of women and men for employment and promotion.

  • Partners should be officially recognised


  •  Organizations must be registered with the Social Welfare Association, or the NGO Bureau


Promoting human rights and good governance