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In October 2017, MJF was awarded a five-year project titled ’Excluded Peoples’ Rights in Bangladesh’ (EPR) by UKAid through DFID. EPR project will promote rights and equality of 1.64 million people. MJF will channel grants to civil society organizations and other relevant stakeholders who are committed to working with marginalized groups in Bangladesh.

Through five programmatic interventions across various locations of Bangladesh, the EPR is reaching out to the most marginalized and excluded people, which include persons with disabilities, sex workers, dalits, ethnic minorities, char people, readymade garments and migrant workers and working children in hazardous labour. Acting as catalyst, MJF is committed to empowering the voices of these excluded communities to ensure access to their entitlements and rights.

The Project will work with local level service providers to support them to meet their responsibilities and assist communities to monitor -- their performance in the delivery of basic services, government provided social safety nets and advocate for access to government land. MJF through its partners will focus on improving the governance and rights situation in Bangladesh and will influence policy in order to impact positively on the well-being of extreme poor and marginalized people.

MJF along with its partner organizations will work on five programme areas under the EPR Project

Security and Rights of Women and Girls
Under this programmatic theme, MJF will create an enabling environment where the community, men and boys women and girls collectively resist violence and women and girl’s are able to live in freedom and security.
Click here for Thematic Paper

Tackling Marginalization and Discrimination
MJF is will strengthen movements of marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities, Dalits and sex workers so that they can claim opportunities and services on an equal basis with others, bring about positive changes in social position, contribute to develop and implement policies to ensure inclusion of these marginalized people into mainstream development.
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Decent and Safe Work
This programme is aimed at improving the lives of readymade garment workers, migrant workers and children engaged in hazardous work, by focusing on issues such as safety and welfare of the workers, their legal protection etc. Through another programme on ’Protection of Working Children’, MJF aims to ensure the right of the working children to enjoy better quality of life.
Click here for Thematic Paper 1
Click here for Thematic Paper 2

Strengthening Public Institutions
Strengthening Public Institution (SPI) programme encompasses governance and development outcomes, both for supply and demand side by ensuring accountable and transparent governance in service delivery institutions and thereby improve quality of life of the poor, marginalized and excluded people.
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Youth and Social Cohesion
Considering that Bangladesh has a youth population of 60% and is now experiencing the demographic dividend, MJF has developed this new programme theme ’Youth and Social Cohesion’. This is aimed at making youths active and responsible citizens and agents of progressive changes, build their leadership quality plus understand the drivers of violent extremism. The program has targeted young people between 15-30 years of age from different background.. This program has four leverage points such as Social Inclusion, Social Capital, Social Mobility and Economic Citizenship.
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 Implementing Area : Across Bangladesh
 Project Duration : October 2017 to June 2022
 Population Coverage : 1.64 million extreme poor and most marginalized people
 Number of Implementing Partners: Approximately 100 to 120
Promoting human rights and good governance