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Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF),a non-government and non-profit organization works with local organizations to improve the well-being of poor and marginalized communities, through increasing their voices, capacities, realization of their fundamental rights and demand-driven institutional responsiveness. MJF believes in equal rights of all human beings and therefore, is working for upholding the dignity of socially excluded and marginalized people. MJF is dedicated to mainstreaming gender in its operation in terms of participation, capacity and programmatic focus. It is one of the largest national non-governmental organization in Bangladesh providing grants and capacity building support for human rights and good governance.

MJF’s programmes are conceptually and strategically consistent with the relevant provisions of the Constitution of Bangladesh, as well as Perspective Plan 2011-2021, Vision 2021; the National Integrity Strategy (2012); the Seventh Five Year Plan (2016-2020); and the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. To that extent MJF considers itself a partner of the Government and all stakeholders working on human rights and good governance.

MJF strategic support departments comprise of the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E), Management Information System (MIS), Knowledge Management and Capacity Development.


MJF’s activities are implemented at two levels - national and local. At the national level its advocacy and campaign work is designed to bring the issue of human rights and good governance into a strong focus of public discourse and contribute to strengthening the pillars of human rights and good governance-related legal and policy architectures.

At the local level, MJF works with selected Non-Government Organizations (PNGOs) and other relevant stakeholders. MJF’s engagement with the local communities, especially the socially excluded and marginalized, empowering them to make effective demand on policy makers and hold them to account.


 Excluded People’s Rights in Bangladesh (EPR)

 Strengthen Public Institutions and Civil to address Gender based Violence and Build Community Resilience to Climate Change Impacts (SIDA)

 Social Action and Mobilization for Prevention of Radicalization and Extremism through Enhanced and Targeted Interventions (SAMPREETI)

 TORUN ALO ( Light of Youth )

 Women's Voice and Leadership-Bangladesh

 Advancing Women’s Right to Access to Information in Bangladesh

 Jukta Hoe Mukto

 South Asia Food and Nutrition Security Initiative (SAFANSI), Phase-II

 Research and dialogue project named “Sustainable Oceans"

Promoting human rights and good governance